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Jason’s talks on masterful storytelling and powerful presentation strategies can be customized for your group, and alternate talk topics can be created for you if necessary.

Keynote speeches and breakout sessions range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.  Interactive workshops & training sessions can typically run from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on your budget and needs.

63% of an audience remember stories, while only 5% remember statistics.

Researchers Chip and Dan Heath

Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale

Discover the Secrets to Telling Powerful and Engaging Stories

Stories are at the heart of how we learn, relate and communicate. They can be used to illustrate complex ideas, inspire revolutions or simply entertain us. As a result, they have become the most powerful tool that people and organizations use to influence others.

In this fun and insightful keynote, former journalist and screenwriter Jason shares the secrets behind why well-told stories affect us so powerfully and reveals the tricks that the best storytellers use to keep us wanting more. Along the way he’ll share many of his own insightful and amusing tales from his work in Hollywood, television and the stage.

Storytell to Sell:

Five Steps to Creating Stories That Satisfy, Influence and Inspire Action

Recent research has shown that 63% of an audience will remember stories, while only 5% remember statistics, (so chances are you won’t remember this stat). On the other hand, a well told story is not only more memorable, but actually triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin in your audience which stimulates both empathy and trust.

Therefore, whether you’re selling yourself, your organization, or even an idea – stories should play a key role in building connection, consent and buy-in. However, stories only work when you tell the right stories at the right time and in the right way.

In this keynote, seminar, or training, Jason draws on his decades of storytelling experience in broadcasting, speaking and sales.

He’ll show you the five simple, but crucial steps to telling great stories that will have maximum impact and inspire your audience to action.

In this engaging talk, training or workshop the audience will:

Discover how stories work on the brain.

• Learn how to use stories to make a connection with the audience, illustrate points of insight, overcome barriers to action and more.

• Take away an effective 5-point structure for telling powerful stories that will engage your audience and inspire them to action.

Jason’s presentation cut straight to some simple yet effective ways that gave us all a set of immediately useful techniques.
Everyone in the room agreed that this was the best talk we’d ever heard about how to incorporate storytelling, humour and clarity into how we present ourselves professionally. If you have the opportunity to book Jason to speak – grab it!

Julia Kollek, Editors Canada

Show Don’t Tell

Creating Powerful Presentations that Sell You and Your Idea

It’s time to convince your audience to take action with powerful presentation strategies.

Presenting a talk to an audience is the most powerful communication tool there is. Unfortunately, this powerful potential is often squandered by the speaker due to a lack of focus, or inability to connect and engage with the audience.

Jason shares the fundamental strategies of creating a presentation that will connect with people, sell your idea, and inspire your audience to take action.

Available in keynote, workshop or training form. Takeaways include:

•Ways to establish a strong connection with your audience.

• How to sound conversational, natural and authentic.

• How to keep audience attention and create talks with emotional impact.

• Structuring your presentation for maximum clarity and retention.

• Creating an effective call to action.

A talented speaker with passion to make the world a better place, he gains trust and respect immediately. Jason is the real deal.

Sarah McVanel, Greatness Magnified

Leadership Communication

Selling Your Vision

Communicate Big Picture Ideas that Create Buy-In and Inspire Action

The ability to create, sustain and communicate a strategic vision is one of the most important skills a leader can master. In practice, this type of communication is easily ignored or forgotten because it is rarely delivered with the audience in mind, and therefore lacks impact.

For your message to be heard, understood and acted upon by various stakeholders, it has to be both relatable and positioned to their interests.

Available in keynote or training session, participants will learn how to create audience-focused messaging that works, including:

• The three principles to creating short, conversational and effective messaging that sticks.

• Ways to come across as authentic and sincere.

• How to create and tell stories to reinforce key concepts, inspire emotional buy in, and promote action on the part of the audience.

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