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Jason’s talks on masterful storytelling and powerful presentation strategies can be customized for your group, and alternate talk topics can be created for you if necessary.

Keynote speeches and breakout sessions range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.  Interactive workshops & training sessions can typically run from 90 minutes to 2 days, depending on your budget and needs.

Jason also has virtual versions of many of his programs.

63% of an audience remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics.

Researchers Chip and Dan Heath
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Talks on Virtual Presentation and Communication

Mastering Virtual and Video Presentations

How to look and sound your best while getting your message across in a virtual world.

Presenting in a virtual world comes with many challenges starting with being properly seen and heard. You also need to be able to engage your audience in the midst of the multiple distractions that inherently come with watching something on a screen. However, by using the same techniques as top broadcasters and turning your presentation into a “show”, you can engage customers, prospects or key stakeholders like never before and present effectively with power.

In this applied educational session, Jason will share many of the techniques he’s learned as both a professional speaker and television producer that will help you come across more effectively. This program is totally customizable to your team or workplace needs.

Focus: communication, presentation and sales skills, fun, general audience, sales, virtual version available


Strategic Storytelling

Five Steps to Creating Stories that Influence, Educate & Sell

Research has shown that stories are the most powerful way to spread ideas.  However, not all stories are created equal. Some stories inadvertently send the wrong message, while others lack the “legs” to make them shareable.

Jason will demonstrate the crucial steps to telling stories with a clear and powerful message that will engage your audience and inspire them to action.

In this engaging talk, training or workshop the audience will:

  • Discover how stories work on the brain
  • Learn how to use stories to make a connection with your audience, illustrate points of insight, overcome barriers to buy-in, and more.
  • Take away an effective 5-point structure for telling powerful stories that will engage your audience and inspire them to action.

Focus: sales, influence, communication, leadership, workshop/training, virtual version available

Perfect for: sales teams, independent sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media professionals, educators

Jason in TV set
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Jason Reid’s Strategic Storytelling program showed us how to communicate our work to both our fans and skeptics. Jason customized his material and taught us how to construct our story with emotion and purpose. He left staff excited, motivated and able to tell better stories.

Krystal Lomas, Credit Valley Conservation

The Hollywood Touch

Make your presentations irresistible with the same powerful storytelling techniques used by masterful screenwriters

The fact is that your audience is only receptive to your message if you can keep them engaged. Using an entertaining story as your delivery vehicle increases your listener’s attention, understanding and eventual buy-in.

Hollywood has long been the gold standard for producing powerful, popular and memorable stories. Now you can make your own presentations just as memorable using the same techniques as masterful screenwriters.

Learn the techniques that will make you a great storyteller including:

  • The powerful art of creating scenes and setting
  • How to add humour and humanity through characters and dialogue
  • The steps to create an immersive experience that turns your story into virtual reality for the listener.

This talk is ideal for any audience who regularly speaks or presents content.

Focus: sales, influence, communication, leadership, workshop/training, keynote, virtual version available

Perfect for: sales teams, independent sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media professionals, educators

Nearly 9 in ten respondents said a strong narrative or story behind a presentation is critical in maintaining audience engagement.

2018 State of Attention Report Survey of Business Professionals by Prezi.

Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale

Discover the Secrets to Telling Powerful and Engaging Stories

Stories are at the heart of how we learn, relate and communicate. They can be used to illustrate complex ideas, inspire revolutions or simply entertain us. As a result, they have become the most powerful tool that people and organizations use to influence others.

In this fun and insightful keynote, former journalist and screenwriter Jason shares the secrets behind why well-told stories affect us so powerfully and reveals the tricks that the best storytellers use to keep us wanting more. Along the way he’ll share many of his own insightful and amusing tales from his work in Hollywood, television and the stage.

Whether you’re looking to add power and engagement to your presentations or you just want to get better at telling a story around the dinner table, this is the session for you.

Entertaining, funny and upbeat, this talk is perfect for opening, closing or lunch at your event. It can be customized to fit into your conference theme.

Focus: communication, entertainment, funny, general audience, sales, keynote

Perfect for: sales teams, independent sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media professionals, educators

Talks on Presentation Skills & Leadership Communications

Mastering the High Stakes Presentation

How to create Narratives and Messaging that Inspire Action

In a world of seemingly unlimited facts and pervasive technology, live presentations are still the most influential and powerful communication tool we have. Yet, a 2018 survey showed that 80 percent of business professionals shifted their focus away from the last presentation they watched.

The challenge is that most presenters haven’t been properly trained on how to use the medium effectively. In this program, participants will learn how to create presentations that engage their audience and spread their messages in a powerful way.

Available in keynote, workshop or training form. Takeaways include:

  • Structuring your presentation for maximum clarity, share-ability and retention
  • The one rarely-used prep tool that will make you sound naturally magnetic
  • How to increase audience buy-in, and emotional impact
  • Creating an effective call to action.

Focus: communication, leadership, sales, workshop/training, funny, keynote

Perfect for: leaders, sales teams, independent sales professionals, entrepreneurs, media professionals, educators

How to be a Magnetic Presenter

Unlock the secrets of your inner storyteller and sell yourself

In order to influence others, your audience must be sold on YOU first.

Because of this, presenters get nervous and focus too much on themselves instead of the audience, resulting in presentations that feel awkward, boring or overly aggressive.

A truly magnetic communicator attracts their audience, as opposed to pushing their message “at” them. This allows the presenter to gain their audience’s attention, permission and open mind.

Contrary to popular belief, being a magnetic speaker isn’t about poses, gestures or techniques, but getting in touch with natural human tools of empathy, listening,and personal warmth.

Ideal for smaller audiences and breakout sessions, this effective and highly interactive program takes participants through interpersonal and improvisational exercises designed to make them more naturally magnetic and authentic communicators so that they can naturally sell their ideas without worrying about selling themselves.

Focus: communication, leadership, sales, workshop/training, funny, keynote

Perfect for: leaders, sales teams, independent sales professionals, entrepreneurs, media professionals, educators

Jason’s presentation cut straight to some simple yet effective ways that gave us all a set of immediately useful techniques.
Everyone in the room agreed that this was the best talk we’d ever heard about how to incorporate storytelling, humour and clarity into how we present ourselves professionally. If you have the opportunity to book Jason to speak – grab it!

Julia Kollek, Editors Canada

The 90-Second Leadership Message

How to sell change and communicate your vision like a pro

The ability to communicate change and sell your audience on a strategic vision is what separates a manager from a leader. That’s why it’s important to understand how to create messaging that’s clear, insightful, repeatable….and human. Sadly, few managers are actually taught this skill and, as a result, they often make a challenging situation worse.

It’s time to learn the art of messaging that can up-level anyone to leadership. Drawing on his years of experience as a television news director during a time of industry disruption and upheaval, Jason will show you how to create powerful spoken-word messaging that can increase buy-in, and inspire others to share your vision.

Available in keynote or training session, participants will learn how to create concise audience-focused messaging that works, including:

• The three principles to creating short, conversational and shareable messaging that sticks.

• Important techniques that allow you to come across as natural, sincere and powerful.

A template for communicating any message in 90 seconds. (This can be easily expanded to create longer and more comprehensive presentations.)

Focus: communication, leadership, sales, workshop/training, funny, keynote, virtual version available

Perfect for: leaders of all kinds

I booked Jason to speak at my 3 day conference. He delivered a brilliant mix of eye opening content, hilarious tales and deeply touching stories. Every person walked away thoroughly entertained and with excellent strategies they could implement in their businesses right away. Jason is at the top of my list of speakers to bring in for my next conference!

Cindy Ashton, Minerva Enterprises.

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