With decades of experience as a journalist, marketing expert and professional speaker Jason works with both organizations and individuals to ensure they’re delivering the right stories with the right messaging to the right audience.

Professional Speaker Mentoring

Jason Reid provides customized mentorship programs for both new and established professional speakers. His expertise includes:

  • Keynote talk development
  • Clear and engaging storytelling and humour
  • Effective positioning (who is your audience and what do you talk about?)
  • Marketing
  • Sales strategy
  • Virtual and in-person performance coaching

No matter what stage your speaking journey is at, Jason can help.

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Brand Stories and More for Organizations

Great brand stories need to be remarkable, sharable and engaging. Jason can help you identify your organization’s story or stories and show you how to construct them for maximum impact.

Positioning/Storytelling for Solopreneurs and Coaches

In today’s busy world, solopreneurs have to position themselves to stand out from their competition and attract their ideal customers. Jason can identify the target market that works for you and show you how to create narratives that will attract them.

Presentations, Video Scripts and Other Creative Projects

Do you have a high-stakes presentation coming up? Are you looking to produce a professional video for your organization? Jason can help ensure that your storytelling and messaging comes across in a clear and engaging way.

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