A former screenwriter, news producer, and winner of international awards for storytelling in television, Jason Reid shows organizations and communicators how to sell their ideas, influence others, and build human connection through magnetic presentations, and strategic storytelling that inspires action.

Storytelling for businesses and non-profits needs to be strategic, purposeful and clear. Your story is the vehicle that transports your message so you need to know where you’re going.

Jason Reid

Strategic Storytelling and Communications – Where Your Message Comes First 

Whether it’s a marketing or P.R. campaign, a high-stakes presentation, or even a visionary speech, you already know that effective communication requires you to tell a story.

But that’s just the beginning. For a story to be a powerful tool of influence it needs to send a clear and repeatable message to a specific audience. In short – it needs to be strategic and purposeful. 

Only by understanding your message and your audience can you begin to craft a story that makes a difference. Then, by creating your narrative in a way that connects with people both logically and emotionally, you can truly inspire your audience to action.

Jason can show your audience how they can craft their story to send the right message – a message that engages people and inspires them to action. But it doesn’t stop there. Jason also teaches powerful presentation techniques that can give any story a touch of Hollywood magic – making them memorable, funny, and immersive as well as authentic and natural.

Why settle for just a speaker or trainer when you can have a great storyteller who excels at both in-person and virtual environments?

Conference attendees have to take in a lot of information, and they learn best when they’re being entertained. They also need insight that’s useful, actionable, and memorable. Jason has it all covered.

Imagine a presentation or training workshop that provides the right mix of energy, fun, and big ideas. A presentation that helps make your conference or meeting something attendees will recommend to others.

We asked Jason to teach all our staff more about storytelling. Jason was willing to pivot to an online session that was smoothly delivered and kept our staff totally engaged! Jason worked with us to incorporate relevant examples of our work. It was a great session and we would recommend Jason for your training session.

Deborah Martin-Downs, CAO Credit Valley Conservation.

Thank you Jason for being responsive, amenable and a general joy to work with!

C.H., National Speaker’s Bureau

Ten Reasons to Hire Jason

Virtual Experience: Jason realizes that virtual presentations are a different medium that requires a special approach and strategy to keep the audience engaged.

Engaging: As a long-time professional storyteller, Jason knows how to make content entertaining and easy to understand.

Relevant: Jason’s concepts are actionable and specific so they can be easily applied.

Insightful: Other speakers present information that can easily be sourced on the internet. Jason goes beyond the surface to provide insightful content that makes him much more than a human “infographic”.

Original: While many of today’s “experts” regurgitate a few key ideas from a handful of thought leaders, Jason’s content comes directly from his decades of experience in storytelling, media production, speaking and sales. 

Tech-savvy and content-rich: As a former TV producer, Jason knows how to use virtual technology, and understands how to use it to drive useful and actionable content.

Accommodating: Who wants the stress of a prima donna speaker? If you need an extra person for your panel discussion, a promo video, or anything else, feel free to ask. 

Professional: Having been in charge of on-air content at a national broadcaster, you can be sure that Jason will be professional and respectful in his approach.

Fun: Being professional doesn’t mean being boring! Jason’s sense of humour, and passion for his topics will put a smile on the face of your audience. 

All in Pricing: Dealing with speaker expenses can be tedious and unpredictable. Jason gives you the option of inclusive pricing that makes it easy.

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