Master Your Storytelling and Presentation Skills to Sell Your ideas

A winner of international awards for storytelling on television, Jason Reid is now a professional speaker and in-demand consultant who shows his audiences how to influence others and sell their ideas through powerful spoken-word presentations, and the magic of stories.

Why settle for just a speaker when you can have a great storyteller? Someone who both entertains, and provides REAL insight that comes from more than 20 years of experience in the television and movie industry.

Conference attendees have to take in a lot of information, and they learn best when they’re being entertained. They also need insight that’s useful, actionable, and memorable. Jason has it all covered.

Imagine a presentation that provides the right mix of energy, fun, and big ideas. A presentation that helps make your conference something attendees will recommend to others.

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Why Storytelling is Important for Today’s Organizations

In the world of sales and influence, everyone is in love with stories these days – and for good reason.

Research has shown that stories are your key tools to gain influence and attention – tools you can use to build connection, establish credibility, illustrate crucial points, and overcome objections.

Like any tool however, stories can be harmful if you use them the wrong way, or in the wrong situation. That’s why you need to understand exactly how they work.

Jason can show you how to craft your story to send the right message. A message that engages your audience and inspires them to action.

Then it’s time to put on that Hollywood touch and make your story both entertaining and memorable. These are the stories that not only win over your audience, but turn them into fans!

Jason does an amazing job of pulling the audience in with his true-life tales. His simple but powerful tools teach the audience how to build their own narratives, which he reinforces through a final story that brings all the elements together in an entertaining and effective way. Jason was a big reason our event launch was so successful.

Kim Wilson, Director H.U.B. Inc. Kitchener-Waterloo
Expertise second to none

Jason’s experience telling powerful stories began early. As a budding screenwriter in his 20s, Jason learned his craft from a wide range of famous storytellers, including Oscar-winning writers Frank Pierson and Lowell Ganz, as well as Canada’s favourite storyteller, Stuart MacLean.

Moving to television, Jason worked as a news writer, show producer, and news director, where he successfully trained and mentored many of Canada’s top broadcasters in how to communicate complex information through story.

For the past eight years, Jason has helped speakers, experts and executives create talks and stories that help them sell themselves, their services and their ideas.

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Before you know it, you’ve curled up into the palm of Jason’s hand, begging for his secrets….

Sheila Good
International Transition Success Coach
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Storytelling expert Jason Reid has spoken to many organizations. They include CPHR Manitoba, and Saskachewan, Discover your Personal Brand, Hatch, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Equity Associates, SunLife, Government of Ontario and more.