July 15th, 20th, 22nd 2021 at 7pm Eastern

Our last Masterclass was a huge success! We’re back again with an even more streamlined program.

No more tickets remain. Our next workshop will be in the Fall.

It’s time to take your storytelling to the next level so that you can spread your message and make more money.

Whether you’re a professional speaker or an entrepreneur your goal is the same. You want to sell your idea and lead people into action.

We know that stories inspire people, but simple inspiration only goes so far. Your stories can and should be, so much more. In fact, your story can drastically improve buy-in from your audience.

If you’re a coach or expert, stories can show clear, real-world examples of your ideas in action so potential clients understand the benefits of working with you. Most importantly, stories can be used to address and remove objections and obstacles. Here’s an example:

Turn “I don’t know” into “Yes, I’m committed!”

I often do surveys of my clients asking them about the moment they made the decision to work with me. More than 75% of those clients cited ONE particular story I used in my talks. That means these clients were already sold even before our one-on-one sales conversation… That’s more than six-figures of income from just one particular story! This wasn’t sheer luck. I designed this story specifically to break down objections to sale – and I want to show YOU how to do the same.

Use your stories in virtual presentations, social media live streams, pre-recorded video for your website, or to create great sales copy. Your story can even be used in sales conversations.

A great story is the swiss-army knife of your marketing. It can be used in so many ways!

Tired of pushy sales techniques? So is everyone else. Stories allow your potential clients to make up their OWN minds – with a carefully and authentically crafted message designed to win them over to your idea.

Master the virtual as well as the in-person

Many great storytelling techniques are universal, but some are more effective in-person, while others translate better in a virtual environment. Jason will show you specific strategies and skills that will help you master digital media whether it’s an online presentation, live-stream or virtual keynote.

This is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur who sells a product or service, especially if you speak.
  • You’re a professional speaker who is looking to strengthen the key messaging in your keynote.
  • You’re a non-professional speaker who wants to create content they can monetize, whether it’s getting paid to speak at conferences and corporations or to promote your business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Three Intensive Zoom Calls where you’ll learn how to use stories to sell your ideas and your business. With feedback from me, you’ll craft your own five-minute story that will engage your audience and inspire them to action.
  2. Storytell-to-Sell Workbook: A detailed guide that will help you identify the stories that you need to sell your idea, and how to construct them so that they’re engaging, powerful and effective.

It’s a small group so you get plenty of one on one time! We’re only accepting only a handful of participants!

Dates for The Virtual Classes: (Time 7pm)

Thursday, July 15th – Jason takes you on a journey through the principles of storytelling to sell. You’ll learn why and how storytelling works and how to use it to sell yourself and overcome objections. You’ll also get help on how to select your best story.

Tuesday July 20th Feedback sessions on stories, plus how to make stories more engaging and entertaining.

Thursday, July 22nd – Final story presentations and feedback. Plus tips on how to do virtual presentations.

No more tickets remail. Our next workshop will be in the Fall.

The Workbook

The workbook is a dynamic document with video lessons, tips, reference material and a whole lot more! It’s like having Jason at your fingertips anytime you need him!

“The workbook is amazing! It is like a whole course in itself.”

Krista Rowan

Why you’ll want to work with me

As a professional speaker and award-winning television producer, I have more than thirty years of experience writing stories that explain complex information in a clear and powerful way that inspires my audience to action.

For the past ten years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, speakers and organizations sell their ideas, products and services through powerful talks and purposeful stories. My client list runs the gamut from new entrepreneurs to a frequent guest on Oprah! No matter where you are in your journey, I can help.

Jason’s storytelling instruction was so clear and concise that I was able to follow the model he laid out almost effortlessly. He’s a master at storytelling as well as a master coach.

Trish Robichaud, Changing Paces

I was really pleased with Jason’s Storytell to Sell Virtual Masterclass. It was amazing how much I accomplished in just two weeks. The learning and the feedback were easy to understand, insightful and engaging. More importantly, they actually worked!

MaryLou Heenan

Not sure if it’s for you or wish to pay another way?

Email Jason at jason@powerstorymaster.com

Working with Jason is an absolute treat if compelling story-telling is important to you!

David Fairweather, Mindset Solutions Inc.