Magnetic Storytelling for Speakers and Entrepreneurs

December 14 – 9 to 5pm

Speaking and coaching go hand in hand, which is why Sheila Good and Jason Reid have teamed up to create an ultimate workshop that will help you create an amazing personal brand that attracts high paying clients.

In the world of coaching the riches are in the niches , so knowing your niche, and how to attract those customers is paramount.

Mag-netic – adj , Tempting and attractive. Alluring.

The best way to share who you are and create a high ticket demand for your services is to stand out – naturally, powerfully and authentically. You want to be a magnet for your ideal audience. And the best way to do that is through the power of storytelling.

Storytelling is the most primal and powerful method of communication that we have. Your stories include the stories you tell yourself, as well as the stories you tell potential clients, partners, or teams. Stories are at the heart of how we perceive ourselves as well as how other people see us. 

Truly magnetic storytelling comes from deep within and contains important insights for your audience. It’s more than just “trauma drama”. You need your audience to be attracted to you – not feel sorry for you.

A Full Day of High Level Training , Speaking and Creative Fun $975.00 plus HST

Includes one-on-one coaching sessions with Jason and Sheila

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Today’s workshop added a whole new dimension to my “signature” speech. I thank you so much for your insights, suggestions, feedback… I feel more confident, aware and mostly empowered to share my knowledge/wisdom with the world.

Alexi Bracey – Healthy Lifestyles Mentor

An Experience Like No Other

Being a magnetic storyteller doesn’t come from a ‘one size fits all” training program. You also need to think creatively, and have space to unleash the real, powerful you. That’s why Power Story Master Jason Reid and #BossLadyBizCoach Sheila Good have come together to create a unique and powerful experience that brings together training, speaking, and a safe space for creative play, improvisation and self exploration that will bring out your natural magnetic qualities so you can get those next-level clients.

You’ll learn how to communicate powerfully and authentically about who you are and what you do, as well as developing the mindset, support and tools needed to build your six-figure coaching business so that it feels natural, authentic and unforced.

Pushy and aggressive sales tactics are a poor substitute for natural magnetism and personal respect. Stop forcing people to work with you, and make them want your magic instead.

Jason Reid: Known as the “ Power Story Master”, Jason is an award-winning former television writer and producer, as well as long-time professional speaker and speak-to-sell expert. Known his authenticity, humour, and his ability to hypnotize audiences with his powerful stories, Jason’s deep insight and low key selling style has helped him develop a unique and effective brand.

Sheila Good: #BossLadyBizCoach has been attracting extremely loyal, high-paying clients worldwide for many years with her authentic heart, powerful language and her uniquely bold personality. Whether it’s putting on a superhero suit or simply being in her power, Sheila is always memorable.

Gain confidence. Find your true voice. Get High Paying Clients

Includes one-on-one coaching sessions with Jason and Sheila

$975.00 plus HST

December 14th from 9am to 5pm